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NSS Surface Cleaner

Have you tried the new NSS surface cleaner yet?

The new NSS Surface Cleaner is a balanced cleaner, based on selected surfactants and solvents, designed for use on to windows and other hard sign surfaces, in preparation for signage adhesion. It can be applied directly to the surface to obtain a quick-dry, streak-free finish before applying self-adhesive graphics.

NSS Surface Cleaner is made in Australia and has been formulated for use in Australian conditions. This means no waiting for it to come from overseas and not having to worry about it being held up.

It will clean and degreases substrate surfaces in one action and will help make surfaces free of dirt and other residue allowing optimal application of self-adhesive vinyl graphics.

Although the NSS Surface Cleaner is economically priced it has been tested and proven to perform just like other market-leading brands of surface cleaner. It is available in your choice of a handy 750ml bottle with non-leaking spray trigger or 5L bulk screw-top bottle.

Try it today! You never know it just might be your new best friend when it comes to preparing your surfaces.